It’s not too late DC to BE READY for IRENE

NWtoSE readers. . . here is the e-mail I prepared as the Public Safety Chair in my DC Neighborhood.

Dear neighbors

Please take steps to prepare for potential Hurricane:

You will receive text and/or e-mail alerts about emergency updates in and around the District.

A 72 hour kit will sustain you for 3 days with food, water and supplies.
Remember things like medication and extra cash because credit card machine may not work if power is lost.  Keep in mind your fridge may also loose power as well- plan for a backup of any necessary refrigerated items.

Remove items and/or secure items in your back and front yards so that high winds will not cause damage to your home or neighbors home.


District residents may pick up sandbags (up to five per household) at its New Jersey Avenue and K Street, SE site (entrance on New Jersey at I Street, SE).   Sandbag distribution will begin on Friday, August 26, at 12 Noon and run until Midnight, and will continue on Saturday, August 27, from 8 am – Midnight.  Each sandbag weighs between 40 lbs. and 50 lbs. and residents will need to load them into their vehicles, although some assistance may be available.Check out DPW’s website for more information.

Consider your pets needs and have a evacuation plan for them.  Katrina posed many hard decisions for pet owners so be informed and prepared.

Have enough batteries for flashlights, matches and candles in case power is loss.  Remember you may want to conserve cell phone, and computer use because once your battery life is drained you may not be able to recharge it.

Have a “Social Networking” plan to contact out-of-the area family so they know you are safe in case cell phone service is over- loaded.  You may have one Facebook contact that can contact other family members or friends.  You can also “follow” various government agencies on twitter to check updates about the weather etc.  Check for updates about conditions on social networks.

LEAVE PHONE LINES OPEN during major emergencies.  Report injuries, structural damages, robberies in progress etc. Please use e-mail and text if possible to contact friends and family to let them know you are “ok.”

If you are UNABLE TO MAKE A PHONE CALL you may attempt to travel to your local police station, fire station, or hospital.  Do you know where they are in your neighborhood?

CHECK ON NEIGHBORS to make sure they are prepared, particularly if they need special attention like seniors and people with disabilities.

For more information about how to prepare for an emergency please check out these agencies websites:

Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA)
Follow on Twitter: @DC_HSEMA

Metropolitan Police Department
Follow on Twitter: @DCPoliceDept

Department of Public Works
Follow on Twitter: @DCDPW

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Local TV and Radio

If you have any further recommendations, questions, concerns etc please feel free to contact me!

Stay safe!

TEXT4BABY is going strong! Sign up!

Well the truth would come out at some point. . . it’s true I signed up for the campaign!  No,  I am not pregnant but I figured that I am going to encourage people I know to sign-up for this campaign then I better know what they are getting.  Today when I visited my clinic I was excited to see ads for the campaign posted on every wall even in the examine room.  Frankly, I am overly critical of ALL campaigns and this one is great.  I have no idea why you wouldn’t sign up, in fact I think Dad’s should sign up to!

Sorry to the evaluators but I am sure you were aware that you would have some public health folk like me that were curious.