CDC is doin’ it right. . . Terrence Howard spokesperson for “Screen for Life” Campaign

I originally created this post back on May 28, 2009. Since that time I am excited to say that I see this PSA with Terrence Howard throughout the DC area on various buses and bus stops! Please, if you are 50 & older or have a family history of colon cancer please get screened today!

Are you 50 & older?


Have you been screened for colon cancer? 

This screening DOES save lives. . . but don’t take it from me Mr. Howard does a much better job at explaining it. . .



For More information about the Screen for Life Campaign and to learn more about colon cancer please visit the CDC @

A big thank you to Ms. Gelb and her team at the CDC for making these PSA’s available on YouTube so that it will be easier for bloggers to spread the word about screening for colon cancer.