If your Gonna Get it On- You Gotta Put it On Recap!

The day before Halloween my good friend Tunde and also President of the Black Public Health Student Network relived our Condom Outreach from last year by passing out around 4,000 condoms.

The key message is really about prevention. I would prefer that everyone wait for the “right one” but in the mean time we will engage in risk reduction.

We spent majority of our time at Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro Stop,where most of the YOT’s- youth of today hangout. We continued to hand out condoms on the metro and then we ended up on U street.

My favorite was the barbershop on U street- Edge’s Barber Shop. Great health promoters, friendly, friendly service and Master Barber and owner Donnie Ray even let me have a photo with him!! This is a great place to reach men! Thank you Mr. Ray!

If anyone would like to do their own outreach they can make little kits like we did- with materials and condoms from DC’s Department of Health.
Just click on this link to order some condoms to your home- or simply head in to the office and speak with Mariel or Latoya.
And if you would simply like to order your own and you are a DC resident here is the link for that too!! HERE

Like I said. . . If your gonna get it on You gotta put it on!!!